5th of May, 2009: Paul Fean, University of Sussex: Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in Youth Education Centres in Omdurman

Paul Fean worked in Sudan from 2003 to 2006, implementing teaching and training projects across educational levels and sectors, including universities, primary and secondary schools, youth education institutions, teacher training institutes, NGO centres and the British Council. 

In addition, Paul established a voluntary educational project - Student Action for Education (SAFE) - which trains Sudanese university students to teach English through games and songs and coordinates their voluntary teaching placements. 

Paul returned to Khartoum in June 2008 to carry out his doctoral study - an action research project with teachers from Youth Education Centres in Omdurman.

For a copy of the paper and directions to the seminar, please contact me at my email and I will send you both!


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