2nd of May, 2009: Nahla Yousif Khiery, UNICEF: Child Vulnerability, Poverty and the Legal System in Khartoum State

Nahla Yousif Khiery has worked for UNICEF in Sudan since 2004. She is also currently enrolled as an online student, studying for a law degree at Northumbria University in the UK.

She is going to be presenting research on street children, poverty, delinquency and the legal system in Khartoum State. She will be especially keen to discuss how such issues relate to policy and the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

Nahla has a wealth of experience conducting research in Sudan, especially in difficult situations (as she used to work in Darfur). Please come along and offer your perspective, comments and suggestions.

For a copy of the paper and directions to the seminar, please contact me at my email and I will send you both!


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