1st of August, 2009: Liam Morgan, Practical Action: Technology in Development - Changing perceptions of how technology can work for the poor.

Technology in Development - Changing perceptions of how technology can work for the poor.

Liam Morgan has a professional background in manufacturing engineering and subsequently achieved a MSc in Engineering Project Management at Leeds University. He has spent the last three years in Sudan, two and a half of which have been spent with the British INGO Practical Action. During that time he has been working on a range of development projects focused on the development and promotion of appropriate technologies for poverty reduction. Liam is planning to study a MSC in Conflict, Violence and Development at SOAS this September where he aims to continue his transition to the social sciences.

For a copy of the paper and directions to the seminar, please contact me at my email and I will send you both!



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  2. Dear/sir/ madam

    2 year I m looking for your web set and any contact since my first asylum seeker in Egypt,

    Sorry if my English is not good I learn English by my self. Any way I have some question and I wish I found some one could answer this question that is before I start my story in Sudanese online and this story will be book and your center it will be in this book so I want to understand things,
    1- Is there a material in the center telling your White students that is black people is Stupid and you could abuse them and no one of them have feeling and refugees is not human,
    2- Is there is Theory in your center say that if you work with refugees and abuse one of them so people you work with you help you because they know and don’t know the refugees??
    3- The center student if they work some were and has friend abuse some one and that one she/ her friend that mean he should help hem Even if that friend did Crime
    4- Do you have any student have way for helping refugees, providing education food and inter in the refuges live like force refugees to marriage some one our have sex without marriage with some one?
    5- Do you help Sudanese refugees in Eu our Sudan to contact family,

    I m waiting