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Hello everybody! Welcome to the Khartoum Student Seminar Series!!

I just want to go through the format. It is pretty easy. Every fortnight (or so), we will organize a student seminar. Each time, a new presenter will have an hour or so to present either their research or a certain research issue that they feel is pertinent to their project. They will then take questions from the other students and hopefully a discussion will start! As this is a student seminar, I will leave it up to the presenter to decide if non-students are allowed. This is to inspire confidence among the shyer members of the group. Ideally every participant should present at least once (we are all in this together). If you want to present a second time and there is enough time, then you are welcome. That’s it!

SO..... I am just trying to put together a list of participants. If you are not quite ready to present, that’s ok. Just start thinking about it...

If you do wish to make a presentation, please send an email to with:

-a short blurb about your background,
-a provisional title for your presentation,
-the dates that you are available and,
-whether or not you require any kind of IT assistance, in terms of projectors or boards.

We can’t guarantee projectors and boards, but we will look into it. Also if you would like to invite non-students, either professors, friends or anyone else you might want to ask along, please let us know. It is up to you!

When you present, it would be helpful if you could prepare a copy of your paper a week or so beforehand so we can circulate it among the other participants. It will give people a chance to read through your work and come to the seminar laden with thoughtful comments and suggestions. If English is not your first language, do not fret and worry about your grammar. We will be kind. It’s the content that counts.

We know it may seem like a lot of work but it is good practice for “real” conferences. You should see it more as opportunity than a duty.


Laura, Alden and Paul

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